Virtual Assistant in Devon.

Short term financial and general office administration available on site or virtually when you need it. Free consultation and advice. Minute taking service available.

Are You Ready to Improve the Efficiency of Your Business?

You love what you do…   You’re good at what you do…   But there is always something taking up your time and keeping you away from what you really want and need to get on with…   You’d really like someone to just deal with those distracting details so that you can focus on your projects and your customers. Using Sarah White  Assistant  provides a flexible, cost effective and reliable service. Don’t be distracted – outsource to a Virtual Assistant !

Financial Administration

Invoicing, Debt follow up,  Book keeping, Financial forecasting, Financial reconciliation and Supplier management

If you would like some assistance with any of the areas listed, or have other queries with your financial administration.

Please do get in touch.

General Administration

Diary management, Document creation, Correspondence, Data entry

Do you have other areas of your General Administration where you need assistance?

Please do get in touch.

Minute taking

Minute taking– so in demand it has it’s own page! 

Minute taking is a good old fashioned skill which is still very much in demand but not so widely available.

You may need to take minutes of your meetings for a range of regulatory purposes or as a charity, a community group or a small business, or you may want to ensure you have a clear record of decisions and actions from a team get together.

Sarah White Virtual Assistant in Exeter Devon
Sarah White VA in Exeter, Devon